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2014, a crack of shooting 
A gap between shooting, usually there’s a crack. It wedges into the other dimension, splits a moment and spreads whole different vision which looks exactly same as where I am at, in and on but strangely the shadow never seems to get caught by my lens and so its weight and size disappears. What I’m saying is, I guess, there’s my moment created by not me when I’m not with a camera. 
 I like looking at things through a camera lens, love the feeling of being blocked, totally and simply alone. Although sometimes the subject make eye contact with me, still I feel alone and get aroused, which doesn’t necessarily relate to voyeurism I would say, then what, something else, perhaps a selfishness? independent spirit?  Would it be sexual anyway? 
 Back to the crack, it gives me such a pleasure. It’s most likely a bag of Margaret (Cookies) on a location tea table. That pleasure, however, I’d like to just stare at it rather than shooting. I see and enjoy the crack and close my eyes to memorize it instead of leaving one memorable photograph. 
We, several photographers talked about this crack a few times recently and I guess it’s a common issue to people whether they should hold a camera or not for a immortal moment to CAPTURE what they see. I’ve always thought that a man make the moment immortal but since I run into the crack, things are different and undefinable. 
Sodam’s Single DEAR. out now 
Artwork & Photography by Hasisi Park 
羊をめぐ る冒險, Jeju, 2014 
Tangerine, Jeju, 2014
Hairy Branch, Jeju, 2014 
Symbiosis, Jeju, 2014 
Jeju, 2014 
Bangju Church in Jeju Island 2014
Sodam, for her upcoming single album <born/gone>(내가 태어난 날mamasong) 
and this is for the tragedy we are all going through
photo by hasisi park
Sodam, for her upcoming single album <born/gone>(내가 태어난 날mamasong) 

photo by hasisi park
Sodam, for her upcoming single album 
coming in June 
photo by hasisi park
In front of Chosun Building, in between conservative building forest, the officer stayed for the sunset for a while. 
Seoul, 2014