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Map at Stromovka, 2014 
Darkside Live in Seoul 
퓨어킴 [PURIFIER] Teaser Image2014/09
Photo by Hasisi Park http://facebook.com/officialpuerkim
2014, a crack of shooting 
A gap between shooting, usually there’s a crack. It wedges into the other dimension, splits a moment and spreads whole different vision which looks exactly same as where I am at, in and on but strangely the shadow never seems to get caught by my lens and so its weight and size disappears. What I’m saying is, I guess, there’s my moment created by not me when I’m not with a camera. 
 I like looking at things through a camera lens, love the feeling of being blocked, totally and simply alone. Although sometimes the subject make eye contact with me, still I feel alone and get aroused, which doesn’t necessarily relate to voyeurism I would say, then what, something else, perhaps a selfishness? independent spirit?  Would it be sexual anyway? 
 Back to the crack, it gives me such a pleasure. It’s most likely a bag of Margaret (Cookies) on a location tea table. That pleasure, however, I’d like to just stare at it rather than shooting. I see and enjoy the crack and close my eyes to memorize it instead of leaving one memorable photograph. 
We, several photographers talked about this crack a few times recently and I guess it’s a common issue to people whether they should hold a camera or not for a immortal moment to CAPTURE what they see. I’ve always thought that a man make the moment immortal but since I run into the crack, things are different and undefinable. 
Sodam’s Single DEAR. out now 
Artwork & Photography by Hasisi Park 
羊をめぐ る冒險, Jeju, 2014 
Tangerine, Jeju, 2014
Hairy Branch, Jeju, 2014 
Symbiosis, Jeju, 2014 
Jeju, 2014 
Bangju Church in Jeju Island 2014